Wine Down Igloos

Reserve your Igloo on Facebook Messenger (Occupants must be 21)

When reserving an igloo we ask that you remember…
1. Treat it like a first date (well a good one) Please call us if you can’t be here, no one likes to be stood up, and Please be on time, (first dates should never be late)
2. Treat it like you’re going to the theatre-Remember the session will start without you, and there is usually another one starting right after yours. So you can still come and enjoy the remaining time, but…it’s still gonna end the same time, and it’s still gonna cost you the same to get in.
Each session is spaced out with enough time to clean up for the next one, if you think you may need extra time, please schedule more than one session, or grab your stuff and come join us inside.
3. It’s Cold John…Each igloo has a heater, but it is still really cold out. So…please dress accordingly, come in layers, and peel them away if you get too hot. Bring a blanket if you need…if you are SUPER Cold natured…the igloo may not be the best idea, and we do serve the same things inside the building. (Without any wind)
Lastly, we have tried not to charge a deposit, mainly because most people are considerate and let us know if they cannot make it. Please remember to call and cancel, even when it’s last minute, someone could be at the Wine Down wanting to use the igloo and if we are waiting for someone who never shows up, we miss out twice. We love the igloos and we love you guys, thanks for your continued support