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Who are we

We knew what we liked and hoped you would like it too

When we first met, one of the things we loved was going out having a glass of wine, listening to some relaxing music, and having a bite to eat. John grew up in Evansville, and I (Chya) growing up in Owensboro always liked finding new places to explore. When we married and made the decision to take residence in Newburgh, there was a lot of places that had great food, and great music, but not any locally in Warrick County that focused on Jazz, Blues, Soul, and acoustic bands. We saw a great building who needed a family and a great opportunity that needed to be filled. We wanted an atmosphere that was inviting to all people, a place where everyone felt welcome, and the Wine Down was born.

      If you’re looking for a Wine Bar that has the perfect vibe, there really is no reason to go too far. Located right off of Indiana 66 in Newburgh, on Ruffian Lane. The Wine Down will help you unwind after a hard day at work with your favorite drink.

    On the weekends get ready to kickstart your night, with the help of our incredible performances and amazing tunes, check out our event page to see what's happening next. So what are you waiting for? Get to know your local Wine Bar today.

Our Little Dream: About Us
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